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Some significant facts about Statarea 

Online football betting or prediction is a lofty ideal for many people. You can watch your favourite sport like soccer from the comfort of your home or by feeling the total energy of the crowds in the stadium. You may have more excitement and fun by earning some money through the football prediction. Different sites make it easier for the users to vote, predict and win money from their favourite match only. These sites are known as betting sites or betting prediction sites. You can set your strategy or can go with popular votes to win your money. 


When it comes to betting prediction, Statarea is one of the best sites available today. Visitors can take massive influence on their respective games through this site. Every visitor of the site gets a chance to vote for several options of betting respectively for different soccer matches. These votes are essential to calculate the trends of different types of betting. This site works quite differently than the other sites available today. This site calculates the probabilities of soccer prediction for today & tomorrow very efficiently. It shows the winning rate also and comes with several betting tips for the newbies. This tips section has many helpful tools, and it explains beautifully how the site works.

Working style

On this website, the winning prediction is determined by its users. You can easily log in to the site and submit the 1×2 under or over and the B2S tips to different soccer matches. The soccer predictions of other users showed on every average posted for every game. For 3-way bets, it will find the red colour, and the half-time betting result comes in blue. You will find the goal lines in bright yellow colour, so both teams’ score is Green.

Some significant facts about Statarea 

You can get the proper intersection for different betting markets, and you will get the idea that most of the people are expecting. In this way, you will get a chance to know what is in trend and popular soccer tips. The best part of Statarea is all the un-registered visitors who are not logged in also can vote for the predictions. You can view the user’s opinions, comments, statistics even for the same. 

Only for football prediction 

If you want to see the prediction for other games apart from football, Statarea is not for you. This website is dedicated to showing football prediction only. There are many registered users of this site who can share their tips on different markets of different football leagues in the world. This website is best to follow the betting trend.

You will get daily for caste here for every football league. Due to the thousands of voters present on this site, this is one of the most popular betting sites for football & soccer. You can even find the voting and trends also for unknown soccer leagues. This is best for international competitions too. The most popular voted tips here are CL predictions. It is also possible to get the trends of the Champion League’s current trends posted by more than a thousand voters. Premier League, Europa League and Bundesliga leagues are top-rated ones here. 

Checking the betting trends 

For every match, you are allowed to submit your 3-way football prediction. You don’t need to log in even for the submission, and even you can get a chance to vote for other predictions. You will find the thumbs up and thumbs down button that you click to show your opinion, like whether you agree or disagree with the forecast.